Cerro Los Tamales El Salvador

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes


Aroma:9.0Cocoa Powder, Citrus 


Flavor:9.0Grapefruit, Caramel 

Sweetness:9.0Cameo Apple 

Aftertaste:8.5Cocoa, Grapefruit, Gentle Apple Cider 



This cup opens with a robust aroma with hints of citrus and cocoa, bright acidity, and round body. The citric tones carry into the cup as a strong grapefruit note that rounds out into a more gentle cameo apple while still lingering in the finish.

Direct Trade Farm


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The Story

More than 18 years ago, our friends, Sergio & Isabel Ticas began production on Finca Los Planes in the mountainous region of Chalentenango, El Salvador. PT's Green Coffee buyer, Jeff Taylor, traveled to meet Sergio and Isabel following their 2nd place finish in the 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence. Jeff and Sergio quickly became good friends. During that first visit, we were immensely impressed by their use of the money from the Cup of Excellence competition to improve the beneficio on the farm, thereby improving the processing of future harvests. This showed us their commitment and dedication to quality and constant improvement.

“On that visit, I met a man who has a passion for the land, the people he works with and the coffee he produces!” ~ Jeff Taylor

We've carried Finca Los Planes as a Direct Trade coffee for several years now, and each year we have worked with Sergio to bring new and different coffees from his farm. Our relationship with Finca Los Planes has developed into the model standard for our Direct Trade program. We are proud to be partners with Finca Los Planes on many projects to help out their community and improve the farm. Since 2007, PT's and Finca Los Planes have placed high priority on supporting the surrounding community. The neighbors to the farm are also the pickers and day laborers. Supporting them with medicines for the local clinic and uniforms for the football team have created a solid foundation of trust between the farm and the community. Everyone in the community has a vested interest in a successful harvest each year.

Cerro Los Tamales has a story almost as unique as the coffee grown on this section of Finca Los Planes. Many years ago, in the 1800's, late at night, banditos came to the farm and stole livestock from Los Planes. The following morning, the farmers at that time went to look for their cattle high on the farm. Instead of finding the cattle, they stumbled upon a makeshift campsite with a washed out fire, and tamale wrappers scattered out on the ground. From that day on, this section of Los Planes has been referred to as Cerro Los Tamales representing the cattle that were lost on that night.

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