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Aroma:8.5Caramel, Vanilla 


Flavor:8.5Roasted Marshmallow 

Sweetness:9.0Red Plum 

Aftertaste:8.5Blood Orange 


Roast:2Very Light 

This coffee features a mellow aroma of caramel and vanilla, citric acidity and round body. The brewed cup features a caramelized, roasted marshmallow flavor and deep red plum sweetness. A juicy, bright note of blood orange is present in the finish.

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The Story

This coffee comes from the La Avila lot at Finca Las Mercedes. This is the fourth year we are offering the Double Soak micro-lot following the success of this unique processing experiment in 2012 and 2013.

The Double Soak Method

Within hours of the cherry being harvested, it is brought to the mill at the farm where it is depulped quickly and a small amount of the fruit, mucilage, remains on the outside of the bean. The coffee is left in a fermentation tank where enzymes help break down the remaining sweet, honey-like mucilage. After fermenting for 12-18, hours the coffee is sent through washing channels to completely remove the mucilage. Up to this point, the process is identical to a washed coffee. The difference comes in the next step. With the Double Soak method, the coffee is moved into a special tank to soak for an additional 24-hours. The tank is then emptied, and the process is repeated, filling the tank again and letting the coffee rest for 18-24 additional hours. After the second soak, the coffee is moved to the drying patios before being packaged and shipped to us.

In 2012 Lucia de Ortiz, manager of the farm for the family Ortiz, sampled the coffee and was very pleased with the results. Out of curiosity, she sent the coffee to be evaluated by a panel of cuppers at the Consejo, or quality control lab for El Salvador. Ironically, the cuppers were so impressed with the coffee that without Lucia’s knowledge they submitted it to the 2012 El Salvador Coffee of the Year competition, where it took 1st Place. (side note: the El Salvador Coffee of the Year competition is not associated with the SCAA Coffee of the Year competition.)

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