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Aroma:9.5Ripe Strawberry, Cocoa Powder 



Sweetness:9.5Strawberry Jam 




Elegant and sophisticated, this is truly a crowd favorite. The cup is highly aromatic with notes of deep cocoa and sweet berries. When brewed, it features a blackberry flavor, vibrant acidity, and velvety body. It finishes beautifully with its signature strawberry jam sweetness and a gentle note of guava.

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The Story

For nearly a decade Elida Estate has been consistently producing some of the highest rated coffees from Panama. Wilford Lamastus, a third generation producer, has spent his career innovating and producing exceptionally well-processed coffees. His hard work has brought Elida Estate great success in the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama’s Best of Panama coffee competition, earning them a Top 10 finish in one or more categories every year since 2007.

Following the competition in 2007, PT's Green Coffee buyer, Jeff Taylor, visited Elida Estate. Located on the slopes of the Baru volcano, the farm is blessed with good soil and a unique cool and misty micro-climate. It is obvious Wilford and his team are passionate about producing some of the best coffees in the world, something plainly evident in the quality of Elida Natural. Natural processed coffees are particularly difficult to deal with because the producer is, in essence, allowing the coffee to ferment. This process produces an exceptionally vibrant and berry-like flavor profile. This unique profile wouldn't be possible without the extreme care that is paid to every detail through the drying process. Elida Natural has quickly become a favorite offering and we look forward to it every summer. We hope you enjoy it, too!

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