Yirgacheffe Chelba Ethiopia

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes


Aroma:9.0Sweet Lime, Honeysuckle Flowers 


Flavor:8.5Swiss Chocolate, Bergamot 

Sweetness:8.5Rosé Wine 

Aftertaste:9.0Gentle Warming Spice, Bergamot Tea-Like 



This cup opens with an aroma of honeysuckle and has a flavor of Swiss chocolate and bergamot. The creamy body and lingering sensation of warming spice makes for an immensely pleasurable brew.


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The Story

This coffee is produced by about 700 small farmers in the Gedeo Zone, and processed at the Chelba Station in the Yergacheffe Zone in Sidamo, Ethiopia. On average, each farmer owns two hectares of land on which they they grow their coffee along with grow subsistence crops and raise cattle. Acacia, Podocarpes, and Cordial Africana trees are grown to provide shade for the coffee plants.

All the picked cherries are processed at the Sedie Station. Before pulping, there is a selection procedure to ensure that only the red cherries will be processed, an important step in coffee quality. The cherries are then pulped and washed and the parchment is dried on raised beds for approximately 10 days. There are about 145 raised beds at the Chelba Station, constructed with wood, mesh wire, jute bags, and shade nets that allow air to circulate properly and optimize the drying process. In general, the temperatures during the day are 25 degrees Celcius and 18 degrees at night. When the coffee beans have reached a moisture percentage of 11.5 - 12%, they are bagged and shipped.

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