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EL PEPINAL 1 El Salvador

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes


Aroma:9.0Floral, Citrus Zest 

Body:8.0Silky and Buttery 


Sweetness:9.0Pears in Syrup 

Aftertaste:9.0White Grape Juice 



A floral and zesty aroma hints at the brightness of this cup. The buttery, silky body is balanced nicely by a crisp acidity. You’ll find a strong toffee flavor and sweetness of pears in syrup before finishing with a light white grape juice note.

Direct Trade Farm


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The Story

Owned by the Ortiz family, Finca Las Mercedes has everything we look for in a Direct Trade farm. Las Mercedes has been owned by five generations of the Ortiz family. For more than 125 years, Las Mercedes has been one of the top quality coffee producers in El Salvador.

The cherries are screened for quality and only cherries that have reached the perfect ripeness are selected. Finca Las Mercedes has a wet mill on the farm, and after the harvest has been sorted and screened for quality, the fresh cherries are immediately sent to the mill. Once the cherries arrive, they are washed in ceramic tile ditches and sent into the pulper where the flesh of the fruit is separated from the bean. After being fed through the pulper, the parchment enters washing channels to separate any remaining mucilage. The coffee is then laid out on clay tile patios to dry for 7-10 days depending on the moisture content and amount of sunlight each patio receives.

The meticulous processing and attention to detail has produced stellar results for the bourbon variety from El Pepinal 1. Six years ago, El Pepinal 1 stood at the top of the list as 1st place winner in the 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence. We have been thrilled to be her roasting partner ever since. We take great pride in working with exceptional coffee producers and Las Mercedes is one of those farms that rises to the top of the quality list every year.

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