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Aroma:8.5Cocoa Fudge, Caramel 


Flavor:8.5Candied Almond 


Aftertaste:9.0Applesauce, Caramel, Juicy Mouthfeel 


Roast:2Very Light 

Dessert in a cup! An aroma of cocoa fudge, with hints of caramel, bright acidity, juicy mouthfeel and creamy body. Sweet tones of candied almonds and juicy pomegranate sweetness give way to a caramel applesauce finish.

Direct Trade Farm


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The Story

Nine years ago Finca Los Planes became our first Direct Trade farm. The Matazano lot was one of the first that we ever featured in our partnership and it continues to be one of our favorites. The Pacamara varietal is a hybrid of the traditional and flavorful Pacas varietal and the giant, high production Maragogype varietal and was first bred in El Salvador in 1958. It's large cherries produce a coffee that when roasted properly feature similar flavor characteristics to the Typica varietal.

On our first visit it was clear to us their commitment to quality and sustainable practices is top priority. They have been engaged in multiple sustainable initiatives over the last few years. Most recently Finca Los Planes installed a new water recovery system to protect the water supply and purify the water before being released back into the ecosystem.

In January Jeff was able to survey the farm, it's water recovery system, and got to work with Producer Sergio Ticas to further improve the quality of Pacamara from this lot. Together with Sergio and Farm Manager Manuelito, the most skilled coffee pickers were hired to ensure the cherry selection was carefully managed. The picked coffee was then hand sorted, leaving only the deepest, darkest red cherries to make up the Matazano Pacamara micro-lot. The results of this meticulous process have continued to produce amazing results.

This trip also allowed Jeff to observe the roya outbreak and its impact on Finca Los Planes. While the fungus has hit the farm’s Bourbon trees Sergio and his wife Isabel have been very proactive to control the fungus.

“Sergio is working aggressively with his staff to harvest the coffee so he can begin another round of pruning trees and treatment as needed following harvest. That will allow for next year’s harvest to rebound.”

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