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Aroma:8.5Deep Cocoa 

Body:8.5Balanced, Creamy 

Flavor:8.5Chocolate, Cherry 

Sweetness:8.5Nougat, Caramel 

Aftertaste:8.5Sweet, Rich 



This espresso is extremely balanced, but playful, ranging from a deep cocoa and cardamom body to a candied, clementine sweetness. The components marry together to create a beautiful harmony of flavors while still having enough depth to play nicely with milk.


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The Story

Flying Monkey espresso was conjured out of experimentation and curiosity. When you have numerous exceptional coffees at your fingertips, you cannot help but play with the possibilities. Flying Monkey is a striking blend with a lot of versatility. Much like its fictional counterparts, it is incredibly adaptable and can be enjoyed in almost every setting. Whether you are looking for a straight shot or something that will pair well with a milkier beverage, Flying Monkey is sure to please.

We use a dose of approximately 20 grams with an extraction time of 26-28 seconds for a yield of 32-35 grams. This espresso is best dialed in with short milk, we recommend a cappuccino.

For more info, check out the Dialing in Our Espresso Guide.

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