Konga Yirgacheffe Natural Ethiopia

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes


Aroma:9.0Intense Jasmine, Mixed Berries 

Body:9.0Silky and Smooth 

Flavor:9.0Strawberry, Lemongrass 

Sweetness:9.0Vanilla Creme, Honey 

Aftertaste:9.0Cranberry, Macadamia Nut, Lemon, Jasmine 


Roast:2Very Light 

An intense jasmine aroma, with fruity hints of mixed berries makes for a great introduction to this cup. Strong notes of strawberry and lemongrass pair well with its bright, Meyer lemon-like acidity. A sweetness of vanilla cream beautifully mellows its liveliness, while hints of cranberry, lemon, and jasmine appear in the finish.


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The Story

This gorgeous Ethiopian coffee is produced at the Sedie station in the famous Yirgacheffe region of the Sidama province. It consists of heirloom coffee brought in from many farmers who on average each own two hectares of land.

Dry processed coffee is the oldest method of processing coffee. However, producing a high quality natural coffee is extremely difficult, because the farmer must let the cherry ferment to impart the fruit flavors from the cherry into the bean. Workers must constantly rake and turn the coffee throughout the fermentation process to ensure that the drying and moisture content of the coffee is even and without any defects. The result of the natural process is a sweet and fruit forward profile.

At the Sedie Station, there is a selection procedure before drying to ensure that only ripened red cherries will be processed. This extra step ensures that the best quality comes through beautifully in the cup. The cherries are dried on raised beds for a period of 15-20 days, depending on the weather conditions. In general, the temperatures during the day are in the upper-70's and in the mid-60's at night.

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