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Welcome to our Single Origin Subscription - Roaster's Choice!

Coffee offerings are always changing as new crops come in and existing harvests sell out, so we designed this subscription to help you access the best of our single origin selection. Each month you will receive two 12 ounce bags of single origin coffee selected by members of our Green Buying and Quality Control Team, Jeff and Maritza Taylor. Jeff and Maritza spend much of the year traveling to our Direct Trade farms to work with producers on the picking and processing of our coffees before returning to taste them on our cupping table as we develop our roasts. You will find no one with a better knowledge of our coffee than these two.

Choose between a monthly recurring subscription* or prepaid 3-month (6 bag), 6-month (12 bag), or 12-month (24 bag) subscriptions. Each box will come lovingly packaged with detailed information, images, and brew notes for each coffee, and shipping is included in the price. Enjoy your PT's coffee knowing it was specially curated by us!

Our Single Origin Subscription roasts and ships out on the first Monday of every month.

*Monthly recurring subscriptions will be charged per shipment. Cancelations must be placed by the 15th of the month prior to the next shipment.

May’s Offerings

Peru - Finca TASTA Honey

This lightly roasted coffee has a toffee and milk chocolate aroma, a juicy acidity, and heavy body. When brewed it tastes of candied pecans with a golden raisin sweetness and notes of dates and maple syrup in the finish.

Edith Meza introduces herself as a producer of specialty coffee and a food engineer. “I’m completely in love with this product, because you learn everyday.”

Not just a specialty coffee farm, Srta. Meza has built Finca TASTA into a company with a mission to elevate the specialty coffee industry in Peru. In 2012, she joined the National Coffee Board and worked behind the scenes at the national specialty coffee competition, learning from renowned Peruvian and international cuppers and buyers. It was here she introduced herself to PT’s Green Coffee Buyer, Jeff Taylor. That same year, she also trained and performed as a sensory judge during the National Barista Championship.

Bolivia - Dos Caras Bolinda - Organic Peaberry

This light-medium roasted coffee features a maple syrup aroma, round body, and juicy acidity. When brewed it has a note of pomegranate with a deep sweetness of syrup canned pears. The finish is candy-like with notes of caramel and roasted almonds.

Cipriano Pacosillo was born in the Bolivian highlands and is a second-generation coffee producer. He and his young family moved to Colonia Bolinda to join the family of farms that process their coffees at Buenavista in Caranavi.

This specially sorted organic peaberry harvest offers an excellent sweet and fruity cup profile and highlights the quality of coffees grown in Bolivia.

April’s Offerings

Colombia - Finca Obraje - Caturra

This lightly roasted coffee features a floral honeysuckle aroma, creamy body, and citric acidity. When brewed it has a sweet caramel and white grape juice flavor with a nectarine sweetness and a silky, Swiss chocolate finish.

This is our first year offering coffee from our newest Direct Trade partner from the Nariño region, Pablo Andres Guerrero of Hacienda El Obraje. Sr. Guerrero established his coffee farm on his family’s land in 1999 and has been making great strides in the specialty coffee world ever since.

Today the farm is testing areas of different species and densities of shade plants. They have planted several different, highly sought after varieties of coffee as well as being engaged in ongoing experiments with wet milling, fermentation, and drying.

This Caturra lot has gone through what Sr. Guerrero calls the “Super Cherry” process. Although it is considered a Washed process coffee, it has been subjected to a longer fermentation before drying to imbue a deeper flavor and sweetness in the bean. We believe this process has paid off and are delighted with the results.

Sumatra - Batak Nuali

This lightly roasted coffee features the signature Sumatran aroma of sweet pipe tobacco and cocoa, has a juicy acidity and a velvety body. When brewed it has a flavor of root beer and raisin, with a deep prune-like sweetness. There is a soft note of baking spices and butterscotch in the finish.

This coffee is brought to us by our friends at Crop to Cup. The coffee comes from the Pandumaan village in Lintong, a region just south of Sumatra’s Lake Toba, which is known for producing specialty coffee. Grown by as many as 50 small-holder farmers, this coffee is collected in Pandumann by Kardon Nainggolan. Aside from the quality, this coffee lot is special because it is grown exclusively by women farmers, most of them widows. To celebrate this fact, they have named the lot Batak Nuali. Nuali means “pretty,” and Batak refers to the tribe who lives in this area of Lintong. This is the first year this specific lot has been produced and it impressed us on the cupping table. We hope you will enjoy it.

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