Southpaw Espresso

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes



Body:8.5Syrupy, Round 

Flavor:9.0Creamy Caramel 





Southpaw is a well rounded expression of much of what we have come to enjoy and require of a house espresso. Much of the challenge in creating a “balanced” daily use espresso is achieving a complex and sweet flavor profile in a straight shot that will manage to have enough body to punch through in milk based beverages. In Southpaw we have accomplished this.


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The Story

Southpaw espresso has a sparkling orange acidity, a brown sugar sweetness, all grounded with a rich caramel flavor and a vanilla finish. The texture is syrupy and round, lending itself well to combining with milk.

As a starting point for extraction, we use a 20 gram dose with an extraction time of 32-35 seconds to yield 1½ ounces. Of course the type of espresso machine, water and temperature will all play a roll in the pull. Use this a starting point and play with the coffee from there to get your desired extraction.

For more info, check out the Dialing in Our Espresso Guide.

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