Lake Tawar Sumatra

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes


Aroma:8.0Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Lavender 


Flavor:8.5Red Wine, Dark Caramel 

Sweetness:8.5Black Cherry 

Aftertaste:8.5Grapefruit, Cocoa, Gentle Pineapple 



A classic aroma of sweet pipe tobacco with a juicy acidity and velvety body. Notes of red wine are nicely accented with a black cherry sweetness and complex grapefruit finish.


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The Story

We are happy to carry this coffee as part of the Hands of Hope program, a charity that contributes to the care and support of foster children and orphans in Indonesia.

This coffee from Lake Tawar in Sumatra is a classic from Indonesia. The coffee cherries are put through the unique wet-hull process, triple picked, and sorted to Grade 1 size uniformity. This way of coffee processing is only found in certain parts of Indonesia and results in the flavors considered to be the signature of Sumatran coffee.

The wet-hull process begins with the cherries being sent through a hand-cranked de-pulper, removing the skin of the cherry. The beans are then fermented in a tank of water to break down the layer of sugars (mucilage) still on the surface. The coffee is then fully washed clean of the mucilage and laid out to dry on patios.

When the coffee is at 50% moisture, it is shipped to the factory where the parchment is removed from the bean, before being dried further. This allows for a healthy dose of the mucilage, sugars and alcohols to be absorbed into the cell structure of the bean during the drying process and creates the signature Sumatran coffee characteristics of heavy body and low acidity.

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