Velo Winter/Spring 2014

Cup Profile

Coffee Notes


Aroma:8.0Sweet Cocoa, Nectarine 

Body:8.0Round and Juicy 

Flavor:9.0Butter, Dried Berries, Chocolate 


Aftertaste:9.0Lingering Almond 



As a pour over, Velo is buttery, chocolately sweet, with a pleasant tartness of dried berries. It is delicate with an almond linger on the finish.

As an espresso, it is vibrant and delicate with high tones of nectarine and apricot.


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The Story

Velo is the new name for our Seasonal Coffee Projects. These will be unique explorations of espresso and very different from our mainline blends. Look for several incarnations to appear throughout the year. Velo takes its name from the French street word for Bicycle. Beginning in 2013, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is a proud sponsor of two cycling teams: TREK Midwest Women’s Cycling Team, and GP VeloTek.

Coffee and cyclists have gone together for a long time and we are glad to keep that tradition alive. We wish our friends the best of luck on the course and in the velodromes, and celebrate their successes and achievements through these new espresso offerings.

Velo - Spring 2014 is a bright and juicy explosion. Featuring two heriloom lots and coffee from Ethiopia, a Konga Natural and Papua New Guinea. Juicy apricot and sweet cocoa sweetness binds the cup together and highlights the round creamy nature of the body. Best enjoyed as a straight espresso, but good in short milk. It also performs beautifully in a Chemex!

Recommended pulling parameters for espresso: 20g dose, 30-32 seconds, 2 ounce pull.
For more info on dialing in, read our guide.

Recommended Chemex parameters: 50g dose, 714g/mL water.

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