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Aroma:8.5Rose Hips, Sugar Cane 

Body:9.0Velvety, Syrupy 

Flavor:8.5Maple Syrup, Grape Juice 

Sweetness:9.0Stone Fruit Marmalade 

Aftertaste:9.0Vanilla, Red Wine, Long-Lasting Sugar Cane 


Roast:2Very Light 

An aroma of sugar cane, syrupy body and juicy acidity. This cup has a pleasant maple syrup flavor, marmalade sweetness, and tones of red wine and sugar cane that linger in the finish.

As an espresso, this shot is lush with an intense floral and citrus aroma. You should taste high citrus tones, syrupy cane sugar, and dry cocoa.


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The Story

Direct Trade Farm

Finca Villa Loyola has been a Direct Trade partner with us since 2011. When we were first introduced to this farm, it was a clear winning combination with their high elevation and caturra variety. The farm is operated by the local church, and has become a pride of the community. Over the last few years, Farm Manager Jose Luis Almeida has worked hand in hand with us to improve picking and processing of the coffee, further improving its quality. In 2008, Finca Villa Loyola's commitment to quality was rewarded when they received 1st place in the Colombia Cup of Excellence Competition.

The Finca has been working closely with the Committee of Coffee Growers of Nariño, and has dramatically improved the quality they are producing over the last decade. This has resulted in better wages and living conditions for the permanent and temporary workers on the farm. 7 hectares of the farm have been isolated by the Environment Control Center of the Department of Nariño, for the cultivation of "Guadua", a species of plant similar to bamboo, that can be used for tools by all of the farms and coffee growers in the region.

More than 100 years ago, the farm was donated by Manuel Delgado to members of the church, the "Compañia de Jesus - Jusuits". At that time, the farm had a few sections growing coffee, but also cultivated corn, and had grazing fields for cattle. 20 years ago, coffee production on the farm advanced and became their primary focus. Their caturra variety has always been planted under a shade canopy. The original purpose was to serve as a wind barrier, however, shade canopies also improve the quality, while providing a natural habitat for indigenous species.

Several years ago, a new Padre was placed in the community, Padre Gerardo Arango Puerto. He recognized the good fortune and coffee farming became a bigger focus of the community. In August of 2012, Padre Gerardo Arango passed away. He was a wonderful man who cared deeply for the people of Nariño and the family that is Finca Villa Loyola. We truly enjoyed working with the Padre to bring you their coffee and he will be missed.

After Padre Gerardo’s passing, leadership of Villa Loyola fell to Padre José Alejandro Aguilar Posada. Our nervousness of starting a new relationship with one of our favorite Direct Trade farms was quickly alleviated when we met Padre Joe. With a worldly education received in Colombia, Brazil, Congo, and the United States, Padre Joe has extensive knowledge and experience in agro-ecology, sustainability, rural development, regional sustainability, and eco-theology. Throughout his life and travels he has been deeply involved in sustainable agricultural development and rural economics. His unique background is perfectly suited for the work at Villa Loyola. With his guidance, Villa Loyola will continue to advance its sustainable practices while improving the lives of the workers and surrounding community.

We are thrilled to be working with Padre Joe and hope to collaborate and learn from him for many years to come.

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