Aeropress Coffee Maker
Artist Series №2
Beehouse Ceramic Coffee Dripper
Chemex Coffee Brewer - 10 Cup
Chemex Coffee Brewer - 3 Cup
Chemex Coffee Brewer - 6 Cup
Espro Press
Hario V60 02, White Ceramic
Level Kettle Narrow Spout
The Estate Series: Granja La Esperanza Edition
Filtron Cold Brew System
LINO Porcelain Mugs + Saucers
Porlex Mini Hand Mill
Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder
Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder
Jennings CJ-4000 Digital Scale
Bonavita Electric Gooseneck 1.0L Kettle
Hario V60 Range Server 600 mL
Shotglasses for Espresso
Stainless Steel Twisted Barista Spoon, 9"
GS/3 - La Marzocco Espresso Machine
Nuova Simmonelli Oscar Espresso Machine
Nuova Simonelli Musica
Able DISK FINE Coffee Filter
Able DISK STANDARD Coffee Filter
Aeropress Micro-Filters
Beyond Gourmet #2 & #4 Unbleached Filters
Chemex 3 Cup Filter Paper
Chemex Prefolded Square Coffee Filters for 6-10 Cu
Hario V60 01 Filters, Bleached, 40 ct.
Hario V60 02 Filters, Unbleached, 100 ct.
Cold Press System - Replacement Felt Filters
Filtron Cold Press System - Rubber Stoppers
Filtron Filter Kit
Ekobrew Reusable Filter for Keurig
PT's Signature Chevron Mug
Roasted In Kansas Signature 10 oz. Diner Mug
Signature 16 oz. Cold Front Tumbler
PT's Coffee Roasting Co. Kleen Kanteen
Harney & Sons Wrapped Whole Leaf Tea Sachets
PT's Apparel - Signature Direct Trade Kids Tee
PT's Apparel - Signature Direct Trade Tee
PT's Apparel - Signature Flying Monkey Hoodie
PT's Apparel - Signature Monkey Kids Raglan T
PT's Apparel - Signature Monkey Raglan Tee
PT's Apparel - Signature Roasted in Kansas Shirt
Hand Painted Burlap Miniatures
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PT's Monthly Espresso Subscription
Single Origin Subscription

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