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Welcome to our Single Origin Subscription - Roaster's Choice!

By signing up for this service, you will receive two 12 ounce bags a month of our favorite single origin offerings. Coffee offerings are always changing as inventory sells out and new crops come in. This is a way for you to enjoy our latest offerings by receiving two bags of coffee a month, hand-picked by members of our Green Buying and Quality Control Team, Jeff and Maritza Taylor. Jeff and Maritza spend much of the year traveling to our Direct Trade farms, supervising the picking and processing of our coffees, before returning to taste them on our cupping table as we develop our roasts. You will find no one with a better knowledge of our coffee than these two.

Choose between a monthly recurring subscription* or prepaid 3-month (6 bag), 6-month (12 bag), or 12-month (24 bag) subscriptions. Each bag will come lovingly packaged with detailed information, images, and brew notes for each coffee, and shipping is included in the price.
Our Single Origin Subscription roasts and ships out on the first Monday of every month. If you would like to receive your first shipment immediately, please let us know in the Order Notes section at checkout.

*Monthly recurring subscriptions will be charged per shipment. Cancelations must be placed by the 15th of the month prior to the next shipment.

Enjoy your PT's coffee, knowing it was specially curated by us!

July’s Offerings

This months offerings are two of the best organic coffees we’ve ever tasted. The power of cooperatives comes from the positive benefits for their members as well as the increased quality of the coffee produced. These offerings both come from well-established and successful cooperatives and are two of the best organics we have ever tasted!

Enorga Organic - Papua New Guinea

A pleasantly spicy and citric aroma of coriander, round body, and beautifully balanced acidity. The cup features a sweet pipe tobacco note complimented by a date-like sweetness. The finish is wonderfully rich and reminiscent of cashew.

The Enorga coffee comes from the Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) in remote Eastern Highlands Province of the Okapa Region of Papua New Guinea. HOAC was created in 2004 to tap into the collective voice of the quality coffee growers in Okapa. The cooperative has brought people together to discuss community issues such as poor road access, healthcare, and coffee quality. The formation of HOAC has created many benefits with some 2600 farmers working together to improve their coffee product and reinvesting the premiums into their community.

Oromia Organic - Ethiopia

A sophisticated sweet aroma of cherry amaretto, silky body, and soft acidity. This washed Yirgacheffee features a note of dried apricot and Key lime sweetness and finishes cleanly with a delicate hint of honey.

The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) is Ethiopia’s largest Fair Trade coffee producer. It was founded in 1999 when 35 small cooperatives came together with the goal for exporting to the specialty coffee market. Oromia’s coffee is heirloom, forest-grown, organic, and bird-friendly. Their coffees are expertly harvested and processed, earning them honors at the Eastern African Fine Coffee Association Competition and winning them premium prices for their coffee.

June’s Offerings

Potosí Organic - Colombia

An aroma of cocoa powder, juicy acidity, and round body. A deep, roasted malt flavor with a red apple sweetness that brightens to a mandarin-like finish with pleasant notes of brown sugar and cocoa.

Our first organic offering from Rigoberto and Luis Herrera at Cafe Granja La Esperanza.

Created from one of the oldest lots on the farm, Potosí is a collection of several traditional varietals including Typica, Caturra, and Colombia. With the estate being nearly a century old, these trees can be classified as heirloom. They are hardy enough to remain productive without the input of any pesticides or fertilizers and offer a fully developed flavor.

Esperanza's state of the art processing includes creating all of the organic fertilizer in house. Using cattle manure, coffee cherry pulp, and a colony of red worms, the producers manufacture a completely organic compost that helps the trees to thrive.

This coffee is both OCIA certified organic, and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Santa Lucia Natural - Brazil

This cup has a rich aroma of brown sugar, malic acidity, and a round body. A complex flavor of white wine pairs with a melon sweetness. Soft notes of vanilla bean, pistachio, and milk chocolate linger in the finish.

Fazenda Santa Lucia is part of The Sertão Group in Carmo de Minas, a family run cooperative including the original Sertão Estate along with several other farms in the area. The group’s mission is to produce and commercialize high-quality coffee while continuing to improve the quality of life of it’s collaborators. One major focus is on respecting the environment as well as working towards a more just and egalitarian society.

Santa Lucia produces several coffee varieties on 83 hectares including Yellow Bourbon and Catuai. The farm is considered a model in the region and is innovative in it’s production of Natural Processed coffees.

The region of Carmo de Minas is ideal for coffee growing with mineral springs, high altitude, an excellent climate, and fertile soil. The region’s economy is based on agriculture and coffee production is responsible for providing more than half of income and jobs.

Carmo Coffees - The Dream Coffees from Cafe Imports on Vimeo


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