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Welcome to our Single Origin Subscription - Roaster's Choice!

By signing up for this service, you will receive two 12 ounce bags a month of our favorite single origin offerings. Coffee offerings are always changing as inventory sells out and new crops come in. This is a way for you to enjoy our latest offerings by receiving two bags of coffee a month, hand-picked by members of our Green Buying and Quality Control Team, Jeff and Maritza Taylor. Jeff and Maritza spend much of the year traveling to our Direct Trade farms, supervising the picking and processing of our coffees, before returning to taste them on our cupping table as we develop our roasts. You will find no one with a better knowledge of our coffee than these two.

Choose between a 3-month (6 bag), 6-month (12 bag), or 12-month (24 bag) subscription. Each bag will come lovingly packaged with detailed information, images, and brew notes for each coffee, and shipping is included in the price. Our Single Origin Subscription roasts and ships out on the first Monday of every month. If you would like to receive your first shipment immediately, please let us know in the Order Notes section at checkout. Enjoy your PT's coffee, knowing it was specially curated by us!

September’s Offerings

Elida Estate Natural - Panama

Elida Estate Natural: This natural coffee picked especially for PT's makes a truly elegant cup. Highly aromatic with notes of deep cocoa and sweet berries that manifest in the cup with flavors of grape juice, chocolate, and a signature strawberry flavor. A vibrant acidity and creamy body finishes beautifully with notes of guava, blueberry, and red wine.

Wilford Lamastus has continued to innovate and produce an exceptionally well-processed natural coffee. Elida Estate has been consistently producing one of the highest rated natural processed coffees in the past few years. Their Natural Processed coffee has had great success in the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama, Best of Panama coffee competition. They have finished in the top 10 in one or more categories every year since 2007. They received 5th place in the Natural division of the 2012 competition. In 2013, our roast of Elida Natural received a 93 Point score from Ken Davids at Coffee Review and a stellar 95 point review in 2009.

Following the Best of Panama competition in 2007, PT's Green Coffee buyer Jeff Taylor, visited Elida Estate. It was obvious that these farmers were passionate about producing on of the best natural processed coffees in the world. Natural processed coffees are particularly difficult to deal with because the producer is, in essence, allowing the coffee to ferment. This process produces an exceptional flavor profile with their Typica and Catuai varieties. The unique profile wouldn't be possible without the extreme care that is paid to every detail through the drying process.

Silimakuta AAA - Indonesia

Silimakuta AAA: This Sumatran coffee features a peppery pipe tobacco aroma. When brewed, it presents a deep, savory flavor of baking spices. It's delicate body fades away with notes of gentle cedar.

Silimakuta is a small community in the Lake Toba region whose coffees have traditionally been sold as Mandheling. The cooperative operates 10 member-owned buying centers (usually just at a farmer member's home) which buy parchment at 40% moisture and handpick before delivering to a central drying and milling center in Saribou Dolok. Silimakuta is one of the KUD Cooperative's four micro-regions, and is currently its largest volume and highest quality producer. The strong performance of Silimakuta farmers and collectors currently acts as a model for neighboring micro-regions (Purba, Pamatang Silimahuta and Dolog Silou).

August’s Offerings

Villa Loyola - Colombia

Villa Loyola: An aroma of sugar cane, syrupy body and juicy acidity. This cup has a pleasant maple syrup flavor, marmalade sweetness, and tones of red wine and sugar cane that linger in the finish.

Finca Villa Loyola has been a Direct Trade partner with us since 2011. When we were first introduced to this farm, it was a clear winning combination with their high elevation and caturra variety. The farm is operated by the local church, and has become a pride of the community. Over the last few years, Farm Manager Jose Luis Almeida has worked hand in hand with us to improve picking and processing of the coffee, further improving its quality. In 2008, Finca Villa Loyola's commitment to quality was rewarded when they received 1st place in the Colombia Cup of Excellence Competition.

In 2012 leadership of Villa Loyola fell to Padre José Alejandro Aguilar Posada. With a worldly education received in Colombia, Brazil, Congo, and the United States, Padre Joe has extensive knowledge and experience in agro-ecology, sustainability, rural development, regional sustainability, and eco-theology. Throughout his life and travels he has been deeply involved in sustainable agricultural development and rural economics. His unique background is perfectly suited for the work at Villa Loyola. With his guidance, Villa Loyola will continue to advance its sustainable practices while improving the lives of the workers and surrounding community.

This video features Padre Gerard Arango Puerto, who passed away in 2012. The Padre was a wonderful man who cared deeply for the people of Nariño and the family that is Finca Villa Loyola. We truly enjoyed working with the Padre to bring you their coffee and he will certainly be missed.

Las Margaritas Honey - Colombia

Las Margaritas Honey: An elegant floral aroma with hints of candied almonds and honey, creamy body, and a citric acidity. Notes of smooth chocolate and orange zest are complimented by a complex buckwheat honey sweetness and a finish of dried dates.

This is a beautiful example of honey or pulped natural processed coffee. Coffee that goes through this process has the skin of the cherry removed and is then carefully dried on patios with the fruity mucilage still on the bean. This imparts several flavor characteristics, including a more complex acidity and fuller, creamier body.

This coffee is a red bourbon micro-lot that is grown near gesha trees in the Las Margaritas lot at Cafe Granja La Esperanza. It is one of several coffees we are carrying from producers Rigoberto and Luis Herrera this year.

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