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Auromar Natural Geisha

Strawberry, Raspberry Jam, Lavender

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This lightly roasted coffee has a strawberry and tea rose aroma with the strawberry note continuing through in the brewed cup. We also noticed a note of coconut water, complex pineapple acidity, and raspberry jam sweetness. This coffee has a juicy body and gentle lavender finish.


Producer: Roberto Brenes
Farm: Auromar Estate
Altitude: 5250 feet
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural
Roast: Light
Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry Jam, Lavender

The Story

In 2006, the Aurora farm in Panama catapulted onto the specialty coffee scene. With his relatively small farm, producer Roberto Brenes has had a singular focus on the geisha variety, quickly gaining renown amongst the best in Panama. In 2013 his Auromar Geisha took First Place in the Best of Panama competition.

Auromar Estate is located at over 5000 feet in Candela, Chiriquí, near Volcán Barú. This region is home to some of the most celebrated geisha farms in Panama. The unique microclimate and fertile volcanic soil produces coffees with the classic sweet and floral flavor profile of geishas.

This coffee has gone through the Natural Process. Each year the harvesters are careful to select only the ripest cherries. The fruit is matured to a deep red - almost purple - before it is brought to the patios to dry in the sun. Meticulously dried with the fruit intact around the coffee bean, the flavor profile has pronounced berry notes alongside the traditional floral notes of a quality geisha.

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