Silimakuta Helena



The Story


Producer: Helena (Collector)
Farm: Silimakuta Community
Altitude: 4600 - 5000 feet
Varietal: Jember (S-795), Typica, Sigararutang
Process: Wet-Hulled (Giling Basah)
Roast: Light - Medium
Notes: Fig, Brown Sugar, Cedar

The Story

This offering comes to us from our friends at Crop to Cup. Silimakuta is a small community in the Lake Toba region of Sumatra and the first village to work directly with Crop to Cup. Helena is the local collector, traveling around the community gathering the coffee cherries from all the neighboring farms. She sorts the coffee cherries for quality of ripeness then pulps the coffee on the spot before taking the parchment to the local stream for washing. Here she uses flotation to further separate the highest quality coffee from the rest. This coffee is milled when the moisture content is still high. Known as Giling Basah, or the Wet-Hulled Method, this is the traditional milling process found in Sumatra. The coffee is dried and sent off to the nearby city of Medan where it is dried and milled again, then hand-sorted twice.

Coffee Notes

This light- medium roasted coffee features a rich fig aroma, juicy body, and key lime acidity. When brewed it has a prune-like flavor and brown sugar sweetness. The finish is an aromatic and cooling cedar.

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