Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Dry Dates, Graham Crackers
Photo Credit: Axiom Small-Holder Farmers
Crop to Cup, Swiss Water Process, and Axiom Coffee Ventures

SWP Central America Select Blend



The Story


Producer: Multiple
Farms: Multiple
Altitude: 3900 - 5575 feet
Varietal: Mixed
Process: Swiss Water Process
Roast: Medium
Notes: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Dry Dates, Graham Crackers

The Story

This exceptional decaf comes from our friends at Crop to Cup through a joint endeavor with AXIOM Coffee Ventures. Made up of micro-lots from three countries, this is a decaf like no other. Coffees originating from four farms and co-ops in Huehuetenango, Guatemala; two farms in Mexico; and five farms in Honduras; this coffee is blended with the greatest care.

AXIOM’s programs support over 3,000 families in 83 small-holder coffee farming communities in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. Their programs and initiatives create direct relationships between coffee buyers and farmers to promote sustainability, growth, quality, and improved living conditions.

In partnership with AXIOM, the buyers at Crop to Cup have carefully curated this unique blend of coffees before sending them Vancouver to undergo the Swiss Water Process. This is the highest quality decaffeination process, offering the least interference to flavor and acidity. The result is sweet and silky.

Swiss Water Process

The Swiss Water Process is a sustainable and chemical-free method for removing the caffeine from green coffee beans. The process involves charging water with a proprietary green coffee extract that includes all of the dissolvable solids of green coffee, minus the caffeine. The green coffee is soaked in this extract, drawing out the caffeine while leaving the other dissolvable solids (flavor compounds) in the bean. This process goes on for several hours under strict supervision as the coffee and extract are repeatedly sent through charcoal filters, separating the caffeine from the coffee. The final product is coffee that is 99.99% caffeine free without the use of chemicals. The green coffee extract is recycled to be used again.

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Coffee Notes

This medium roasted Swiss Water Processed coffee features a caramel aroma, silky body, and soft acidity. When brewed it has a flavor of semi-sweet chocolate with the sweetness of dried dates. The finish has notes of graham crackers and cocoa.

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