Washed, Honey, and Natural Processed Pacamara
Estate Series: Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box

Estate Series: Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box

El Salvador



Producer: Sergio and Isabel Ticas
Farm: Finca Los Planes
Altitude: 5750 feet
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Washed, Honey, Natural
Roast: Light, Light-Medium

Contains three 5.5 oz boxes of coffee, an informational booklet about the three processes, and a brew guide.

The Story

PT’s Coffee presents the 2016 - 2017 Estate Series. Each year we have the honor of roasting some of the highest caliber specialty coffees in the world through our relationships with our Direct Trade partners. For over a decade we have worked side by side with leading specialty coffee producers, supporting their hard work and dedication to the specialty coffee industry.

We met Sergio and Isabel Ticas following their 2nd place finish in the 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence. Green Coffee Buyer, Jeff Taylor and Sergio quickly became good friends. During that first visit we saw Sergio use the money from the Cup of Excellence competition to improve the beneficio on his farm, investing in better equipment to improve the processing of future harvests. In those early days of specialty coffee in El Salvador, we were impressed by his commitment and dedication to quality and improvement.

Since 2007, PT’s and Finca Los Planes have placed a high priority on investing in farming innovations and supporting the surrounding community. The neighbors to the farm are also the pickers and day laborers; supporting them with medicines for the local clinic and uniforms for the children’s football team has created a solid foundation of trust between Finca Los Planes and the community. Everyone in the community has a vested interest in a successful harvest each year.

Our relationship with Finca Los Planes was the first and remains the standard model for our Direct Trade program. We are proud to be partners with Finca Los Planes and hope this fruitful relationship continues for years to come.

The Coffee

This collection features one of our favorite Pacamara microlots, El Matazano, processed three different ways. The Pacamara varietal is a hybrid of the traditional and flavorful Pacas and the giant, high-producing Maragogype. It was first bred in El Salvador in 1958. Its large cherries produce a coffee that, when roasted properly, feature citrus notes, deep berry and dried fruit flavors, and excellent body.

Sergio and Isabel Ticas grow this coffee at an altitude of over 5700 feet. The cool temperature at this high elevation slows coffee cherry maturation and further enhances the sweetness of the coffee’s flavor profile.

Washed Process

This coffee has gone through the same Washed Process and drying on raised beds as our traditional Matazano lot, but has also been sorted through a 17/18 screen. This leaves only the largest Pacamara beans, creating an even density and more consistent roast.

Light-medium roasted, look for a brown sugar and citrus aroma, silky body, and bright acidity. When brewed this cup features a clementine flavor and the sweetness of apple juice. The finish is sugary and clean with a note of mandarin orange.

Honey Process

This Pacamara has gone through the Honey, or Pulped-Natural Process. The cherry skin has been removed, leaving the mucilage intact on the bean. Great care is taken to dry the coffee on raised beds with an even airflow, keeping the mucilage from over-fermenting and producing a beautiful coffee with heightened sweetness.

Lightly roasted, this Pacamara Honey has a creamy body and juicy acidity. It features a sweet maple syrup and melon aroma that carries into the brewed cup with a flavor of cantaloupe and features a dried date sweetness. The finish is sophisticated with a note of pistachio.

Natural Process

This Natural Process Pacamara was produced with exceptional care. Natural coffees are typically dried right after picking and sorting. Sergio worked with us by taking the extra step of washing the cherries before being dried on raised beds. Although the cherry is removed from the coffee after drying, we wanted to ensure the drying process would be as clean as possible by removing all residue and debris from the coffee cherries.

Light-medium roasted, this deeply sweet coffee has a velvety body and juicy acidity. The cocoa and dark fruit aroma gives way to a note of plum when brewed, with a black cherry sweetness and a decadent, buttery finish.


The Finca Los Planes Pacamara Process Box features three different processes of the Matazano microlot. This unique collection offers an opportunity to experience the artistry of processing at the farm level of specialty coffee.