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The Vario-W is a fully integrated weight-based grinder. Baratza's groundbreaking Vario-W uses real-time weight-based grinding with a built-in electronic scale. Set the weight you want, the Vario-W does the rest, weighing the ground coffee to within +/- 0.2 g, while grinding, and stopping automatically.

It has all the features of the Vario including small footprint, macro/micro adjustment, 54mm ceramic burrs, broad range of grind, but uses a weight-based dosing approach rather than a time based approach.

The Vario-W grinds 1.5 g /sec at espresso and 2.5 g /sec at Press.

The Vario-W uses an easy and intuitive operation panel that includes three programmable dosage buttons, and a digital LCD window which displays the weight value.

There are many benefits that this grinder offers, in both a home and retail environment.

- No more need to manually pre-weigh your beans. The Vario-W weighs the ground coffee then automatically stops the grinder. Ideally suited to about 50-60 cups of coffee a day (about 2 lbs of coffee), and able to hold over half a pound of coffee in the hopper.

- Inexpensive way to reduce labor time and increase accuracy

- Set up a grinder for each coffee you offer and program in three weights (e.g.#1 chemex, #2 pour-over, #3 siphon).

- You could have two to three Vario-W solutions for about the same cost as a commercial grinder.

(The Vario-W was previously named Vario-E, as pictured. All models are now Vario-W)

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