Bonavita Electric Gooseneck 1.0L Kettle



When making hand crafted coffee, it is essential to use a gooseneck kettle. Gooseneck kettles are perfect for precision pouring techniques, and even extraction. The only drawback we have found with the gooseneck kettles on the market, is the time it takes to boil the water on the stove-top, or the need for a separate hot kettle to get your water up to temperature. Bonavita has streamlined this process, introducing their Electric Gooseneck Kettle. We have tested these kettles thoroughly and are pleased to add them to our home brewing line-up! They make a great compliment to our pour-over, brewing equipment.

These 1.0 Liter kettles are made with brushed stainless steel. They can swivel 360 on the base and have an auto-shutoff function once the water hits the boiling point. These kettles also come with a "2 year Warranty" from Bonavita.


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