Elida Estate Natural
Elida Estate Natural
Elida Estate Natural
Elida Estate Natural
Elida Estate Natural
Elida Estate Natural

Elida Estate Natural




Producer: Wilford Lamastus
Farm: Elida Estate
Altitude: 5250 feet
Region: Baru Volcan
Varietal: Typica and Catuai
Process: Natural
Roast: Medium-Light
Notes: Chocolate Sauce, Blackberry, Cherry Cordial

The Story

For nearly a decade Elida Estate has been consistently producing some of the highest rated coffees from Panama. Wilford Lamastus, a third generation producer, has spent his career innovating and producing exceptionally well-processed coffees. His hard work has brought Elida Estate great success in the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama’s Best of Panama coffee competition, earning a Top 10 finish in one or more categories every year since 2007.

We were first introduced to the coffee from Elida Estate following the 2007 Best of Panama competition. During the initial visit it was obvious to us Wilford Lamastus was passionate and committed to producing some of the best coffee in the world. Located on the slopes of the Baru volcano, the farm is blessed with good soil and a unique cool and misty micro-climate. After that meeting, we became one of the first coffee roasters in the United States to carry Elida Estate Natural. This has developed into one of our strongest Direct Trade relationships with Elida Estate Natural becoming an ambassador coffee for us.

As Elida’s star has risen, Wilford has been able to leverage the increased price the coffee has garnered into farm improvements and increased pay for his employees. These investments have lead to higher quality coffee for our customers and a better quality of life for the seasonal laborers who depend of the coffee industry’s success. This helps them to continually produce a bright, sweet coffee that is admired and looked forward to year after year.

In a recent conversation with Wilford, he stated his hope our relationship will never end and we will continue working together long into the future when his son eventually takes over the business. We agree with Wilford and look forward to working with him for the next 10 years and beyond.


This medium-light roasted coffee features an aroma of chocolate sauce and cherries, round body, and bright, juicy acidity. When brewed it has notes of blackberry with a cherry cola sweetness and a finish of cherry cordial.

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