Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box
Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box

Estate Series: Finca Kilimanjaro Process Box

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The Story


Producer: Aida Battle
Farm: Finca Kilimanjaro
Altitude: 5400 feet
Varietal: Kenya and Bourbon
Process: Washed, Ethiopia, Natural
Roast: Light

Includes 5 oz each of Washed, Ethiopia, and Natural coffee from Finca Kilimanjaro and 4 oz of Cascara.

The Story

PT’s Coffee presents the 2016 - 2017 Estate Series. Each year we have the honor of roasting some of the highest caliber specialty coffees in the world through our relationships with our Direct Trade partners. For over a decade we have worked side by side with leading specialty coffee producers, supporting their hard work and dedication to the specialty coffee industry.

Finca Kilimanjaro

Owned and managed by fifth-generation coffee farmer and specialty coffee ambassador Aida Battle, Finca Kilimanjaro is one of the most consistent and innovative farms in the industry.

The farm produces unique lots of coffee for the region. In 1935, trees were brought to the farm from Kenya to share land with the traditional Bourbon trees. The coffee variety from Kenya features the big bright fruity notes signature to many African coffees, complimenting the balanced and deeply sweet notes of the Bourbon variety.

Featured in Time Magazine and The New Yorker, Aida consistently impresses us with her commitment to sustainable practices, quality, and innovation.

The Coffee

We are showcasing coffee from Finca Kilimanjaro processed three different ways. Aida has become world famous due to the quality of coffee her farm produces and has spent the last few years experimenting with different processing methods. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Washed Process

The coffee parchment undergoes a 12-hour dry fermentation before being washed in channels and dried on raised beds.

Notes: Dark Brown Sugar, Blackberry, Meyer Lemon

Ethiopia Process

The coffee parchment undergoes a 48-hour underwater fermentation, with fresh water added and then agitated every 12 hours. It is taken to a second freshwater tank for another 24-hour underwater fermentation before being dried on raised beds.

Notes: White Grape, Clementine, Mimosa

Natural Process

The coffee is floated in water tanks to sort out the best cherries, then allowed to dry intact on raised beds before being depulped. This process allows the acids and sugars from the cherry to ferment and impart more sweetness and a heavier body to the coffee bean.

Notes: Chocolate, Grapefruit, Blueberry Jam


This fruit tisane is made from the dried coffee cherries from Finca Kilimanjaro. When steeped in hot water, it features notes of hibiscus, raspberry, and red apple.

Coffee Notes

The Finca Kilimanjaro Estate Box features three differently processed coffees, Washed, Ethiopia, and Natural. For an interesting comparison, it also contains cascara harvested from the same lot. This unique collection offers an opportunity to experience the artistry of processing by one of the world’s premiere specialty coffee farms.

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