Flying Monkey



The Story

The Story

Flying Monkey espresso was conjured out of experimentation and curiosity. When you have numerous exceptional coffees at your fingertips, you cannot help but play with the possibilities. Flying Monkey is a striking blend with a lot of versatility. Much like its fictional counterparts, it is incredibly adaptable and can be enjoyed in almost every setting. From cappuccinos to mochas, Flying Monkey is sure to please.

We roast our espressos on Mondays and Tuesdays and we highly recommend that you let your espresso rest for 7 days before brewing.


If your machine is programmable, we recommend pulling this espresso with the group head set at 199 Fahrenheit.
Smooth chocolate in milk with a pleasant touch of acidity. Milk Chocolate. Graham Cracker. Honey.
This espresso is best for long milk drinks.

Dose: 20 grams
Yield: 40 – 45 grams
Time: 28 – 33 seconds
Drop: 7-8 seconds (bottomless filter)
Rest: 7 – 12 days off roast

This espresso is best dialed in with short milk. We recommend a capp. Dialing this espresso in by tasting it alone with a shot will overplay the acidity that is desirable in milk drinks.

For more info about our other espressos, check out the Dialing in Our Espresso Guide.

Coffee Notes

Extremely balanced, yet playful. Featuring notes of smooth chocolate, honey, and graham cracker, this three bean blend creates a beautiful harmony of flavors while still having enough depth to show off in long milk drinks.

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