GREEN COFFEE - Kilimanjaro Natural
Chocolate, Grapefruit, Blueberry Jam
GREEN COFFEE - Kilimanjaro Natural

GREEN COFFEE - Kilimanjaro Natural

El Salvador




Producer: Aida Batlle
Farm: Finca Kilimanjaro
Altitude: 5100 - 5600 feet
Varietal: Kenya, Bourbon
Process: Natural

The Story

High on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano lies the world famous Finca Kilimanjaro. Owned and managed by fifth-generation coffee farmer and specialty coffee ambassador Aida Battle, Finca Kilimanjaro is one of the most consistent and innovative farms in the industry.

For over a decade, this long-standing farm has gained a stellar reputation under Aida’s guidance. Back in 1935, trees were brought to the farm from Kenya to share land with the traditional Bourbon trees. The coffee variety from Kenya features the big bright fruity notes signature to many African coffees, complimenting the balanced and deeply sweet notes of the Bourbon variety. Some of those original trees still stand on the farm, creating seedlings with a consistent flavor profile that defines her farm’s coffee - a little bit of Africa, a little bit of El Salvador.

Aida rose to prominence when she won the 2003 El Salvador Cup of Excellence and has since been featured in Time Magazine and The New Yorker. She consistently impresses us with her commitment to sustainable practices, quality, and innovation.

The Process

We are showcasing coffee from Finca Kilimanjaro processed three different ways. Aida has become world famous due to the quality of coffee her farm produces and has spent the last few years experimenting with different processing methods. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

The Natural Process

The coffee is floated in water tanks to sort out the best cherries, then allowed to dry intact on raised beds before being de-pulped. This process allows the acids and sugars from the cherry to ferment and impart more sweetness and a heavier body to the coffee bean.


This is UNROASTED COFFEE and is not drinkable. Flavor Notes listed are based on our roast profile for this coffee.

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