GREEN COFFEE - Potosí Organic





This is UNROASTED COFFEE and is not drinkable. The Coffee Info Sheet is based on our roast profile for this coffee.

Producer: Rigoberto Herrera
Café Granja La Esperanza
5000 feet
Valle de Cauca
Cocoa Powder, Mandarin, Red Apple

The Story

Our first organic offering from Rigoberto and Luis Herrera at Cafe Granja La Esperanza.

Created from one of the oldest lots on the farm, Potosí is a collection of several traditional varietals including Typica, Caturra, and Colombia. With the estate being nearly a century old, these trees can be classified as heirloom. They are hardy enough to remain productive without the input of any pesticides or fertilizers and offer a fully developed flavor.

Esperanza's state of the art processing includes creating all of the organic fertilizer in house. Using cattle manure, coffee cherry pulp, and a colony of red worms, the producers manufacture a completely organic compost that helps the trees to thrive.

This coffee is both OCIA certified organic, and Rainforest Alliance Certified.


An aroma of cocoa powder, juicy acidity, and round body. A deep, roasted malt flavor with a red apple sweetness that brightens to a mandarin-like finish with pleasant notes of brown sugar and cocoa.

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