Loma La Gloria - Red Honey Pacamara
Loma La Gloria - Red Honey Pacamara
Loma La Gloria - Red Honey Pacamara
Loma La Gloria - Red Honey Pacamara

Loma La Gloria - Red Honey Pacamara

El Salvador


The Story


Producer: Anny Ruth Pimentel
Farm: Loma La Gloria
Altitude: 3900 - 5750 feet
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Red Honey
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Mexican Chocolate, Black Currant, Rosehip

The Coffee

This is our inaugural offering from Loma La Gloria. Producer Anny Ruth Pimentel has worked with our Green Coffee Buyer, Chuck, for the last few years as a Direct Trade partner with our sister company, Bird Rock Coffee.

This Pacamara has gone through the Red Honey Process. After the coffee has been harvested and sorted, it is sent through a dehusking machine that removes the cherry skin, leaving the mucilage intact. The Honey Process comes in three variations: Yellow, Red, and Black. Yellow Honey is the most common and leaves a small amount of mucilage on the bean. Black Honey leaves virtually all of the mucilage on the coffee, and Red lies somewhere in-between. Because there is more mucilage left on the bean, the flavor profile of this coffee is more vibrant than the traditional Honey Process.

Direct Trade

Located near the San Salvador Volcano’s crater, Loma La Gloria was established in the late 1990’s by Anny Ruth’s father, Roberto. He grew up in the coffee growing tradition and named the new farm after his own grandfather’s estate. In 2001, Roberto built a mill on the farm, but it went unused as they continued to ship their coffee to the other local mills. When Anny Ruth joined the family business in 2012, she brought the mill to life and has since made a name for herself by embracing specialized processing methods and improved traceability documentation.

Bird Rock and Loma La Gloria teamed up three years ago to form a Direct Trade partnership that has reaped huge rewards. Year over year, Loma La Gloria’s coffees have been among the brightest stars of Bird Rock’s offerings. Sales proceeds of those coffees were invested into buying eco-stoves for the local school and Loma La Gloria employees. You can read more about that program in Chuck’s blog post here.

We are proud to be offering this coffee to our PT’s customers and look forward to many years of partnership with Anny Ruth.

Coffee Notes

Freshly ground, this light-medium roasted coffee features a richly sweet fig and nutmeg aroma. When brewed it has a buttery body with notes of Mexican chocolate and plum, a black currant sweetness, and pineapple acidity. The finish has a pleasant spice of rosehip.


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