Marcala Organic



The Story


Producer: Smallholders
Farm: COMSA (Café Organica Marcala)
Altitude: 3940 - 5250 feet
Varietal: Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, Pacas
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium - Light
Notes: Nougat, Tangerine, Roasted Pecans

The Story

Café Organica Marcala (COMSA) is an association of small-scale organic coffee producers located in the La Paz region of western Honduras.

Members of COMSA grow high quality certified organic coffee on small farms along with subsistence crops and ranch animals. Their coffee crop is purchased by COMSA who carry out primary processing then buy in milling, packing and export services.

COMSA was founded as a co-operative in 2000 by 45 community-minded farmers who were members of a community that provided loans to local people. During an era of low coffee prices that saw many farmers give up their farms COMSA members saw a future in specialty organic coffee where market prices were higher. Membership has since grown to 800 farmers, a quarter of them women.

COMSA’s organic production policy aims to improve coffee quality by reviving depleted soil fertility and ending use of the harmful chemicals that caused it. This has added health benefits for farmers, makes fields safe to grow food crops, and ends contamination of water sources. Coffee waste is recycled to make organic fertilizer which is distributed free to farmers. Productivity is higher than for conventional production, costs are reduced, and the need for more labor generates employment and reduces migration and consequent family breakdown.

Coffee Notes

This medium-light roasted coffee features a nougat and cocoa nib aroma, round body, and juicy acidity. When brewed it has notes of honey with a tangerine sweetness and a finish of roasted pecans.

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