The Story


Producer: Multiple
Farm: Muhondo Washing Station
Altitude: 5575 - 7215 feet
Region: Northern Province, Gakenke District
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Roasted Marshmallow, Fig Preserves, Purple Grape

The Story

Situated in the Northern Province of Rwanda in the Gakenke district, Muhondo washing station became fully operated by the Muhondo Coffee Company in 2013. The region has an annual rainfall of 73 inches per year and a topography that is ideal for growing high quality specialty coffee. The coffee is fully washed using natural spring water from the mountains and is sun dried. 

Muhondo placed 1st in the 2014 Rwanda Cup of Excellence and 3rd in the 2015 Rwanda Cup of Excellence.

Coffee Notes

This lightly roasted coffee features a roasted marshmallow aroma, creamy body, and vibrant acidity. When brewed it has notes of fig preserves with a purple grape sweetness and a long-lasting, juicy, pink grapefruit finish.

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