The Story


Producer - Farm: Christian Fuentes - Divino Niño
            Almicar Jativa - La Magdalena
          Servio Nicolas Montenegro Tobar - Santiago Del Rey
Altitude: 4920 - 5250 feet
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Brown Sugar, Purple Grape, Plum

The Story

This offering comes to us from our friends at Caravela, a coffee importer with strong relationships with its producers. It is a single-variety blend from three different farms: Divino Niño, La Magdalena, and Santiago Del Rey. The farms are owned by three young men who have formed a coalition of independent producers working directly with Caravela. This direct relationship ensures a higher quality coffee by keeping the lots small, not blended into large, multi-farm lots. It also returns a higher purchase price for the farmers who don’t have to pay any association fees.

This coffee is an excellent example of the great potential of specialty coffee from Ecuador. Long neglected as an export, coffee in Ecuador has historically been mostly robusta varieties destined to become instant coffee. However, in the last few years small bands of young farmers are buying into the specialty coffee model of higher prices for higher quality, lower yield typica varieties. The micro-climates of Ecuador, with its high altitudes, volcanic soils, and proximity to the equator, hold the promise of yielding some of the industries most sought after flavor profiles.

Coffee Notes

This lightly roasted coffee features a brown sugar and red rose aroma. When brewed it tastes of milk chocolate, with a creamy body and purple grape sweetness. The acidity is vibrant and the cup finishes with a gentle floral with a note of plum.

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