The Story

The Story

Southpaw espresso is a bright and juicy blend that earns its name from being nimble, surprising, and packed with a punch. This shot is well balanced, achieving a complex and sweet flavor profile with enough body to punch through short milk drinks. Southpaw is designed to work well as a straight shot or in drinks 6 ounces and under, such as a cortado or macchiato.


If your machine is programmable, we recommend pulling this espresso with the group head set at 199 Fahrenheit.

Dose: 20 grams
Yield: 32 – 34 grams
Time: 26 – 28 seconds
Drop: 6 – 8 seconds (bottomless filter)
Rest: 8 – 12 days off roast

This espresso is best dialed in as a straight, slightly ristretto shot.

For more info on our espressos, check out the Dialing in Our Espresso Guide.

Coffee Notes

Jabs of fruit, sugar, and spice with a floral aroma and clean finish. Featuring notes of caramel, peach and sugar cane, Southpaw delivers a delightful punch.

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